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CEO - Mailmaster Letterboxes

Mailmaster has over the years supplied Fold-Down Clotheslines in volume to the spec home builders and residential developers. We have sold over 4000 of our clotheslines to date and they have stood "the test of time." With new homes requiring warranty statements on all supplied accessories we could not afford to get it wrong. We now make these available to the public under the name Sunswing.   Made to our exacting specifications and standards from heavy duty materials this product will give you many years, if not a l..
Commercial Store
Mailmaster Commercial has now made it easier for many of their customers by allowing them to order their "cluster" mailbox requirements online. At the click of several buttons your order is done and all the required details are collected, invoices are issued and best of all, payment is taken. Well nearly that easy, if you want the product delivered due to the varying sizes of these items you will need to obtain a quote from us for freight. This is then easily add to the shopping cart. Please note that we have sales specialists on standby to help guide you throu..
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Mailbox Bank with Integrated Parcel Bins
Mailmaster Responds to Public Demand  With internet shopping on the rise so is the increase in the home delivery of parcels. For residents living in apartments this has always been an issue with many having to retrieve their parcel from the freight depot, post office or another collection centre. Now with the cooperation of Body Corporate and Building Managers parcels can be delivered securely and direct to site using the Mailmaster Parcel Bin. The parcel bin is incorporated in the mailbox cluster and features a secure deposit mechanism whi..
Mail Theft - An increasing problem!
More and more often you will read in newspapers and view on current affair programs stories of mail theft and with particular focus being on identity theft. While mailboxes are not built like safes we can offer a higher security lock with our mailboxes. This is a C4 lock and uses the same style of key and lock as you would find in your common home front door. A master locksmith can even "key alike" your mailbox key to your front door key. The downside of installing a higher security lock is that generally perpetrators when they find they can't pick the lock or open it with a mas..
An interesting article published in the Couriermail regarding Aus Posts upgrade to trikes so as to better deal with parcel delivery. ..
Parcel Bins
We have observed a shift over the last several years with consumers now buying online more than ever before. From grocery shopping and hair products to even motor cars, it all seems to be on offer in online stores both locally and internationally. The need to touch and feel before you buy seems to be a diminishing necessity and with the security of financial transactions going through escrow services buying online is booming. With the increase and widespread uptake of technologies, online purchases, banking and general business is now being made mor..
YES, there is a standard for mailboxes and in specific AS NZS 4253-1994 Mailboxes, you can read an extract of it here Mailmaster Commercial Forms  and YES, there is an Australian Post specification for mailboxes and you can also read this specification by clicking this link; APPENDIX 2 – STREET MAIL SERVICE . Now do these two documents agree with each other? For those who would read these documents side by side, you would have to say no. Anyone who reads through this will soon see the discrepancy in The Australia Post details. While the..
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Our slogan for a very long time has been "Let style be the opening statement to your home". The mailbox is the first thing most visitors see and this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is generally where your house number is. While house numbers can be fitted directly onto the wall of your house or on your fence and even in what seems to be days gone bye, painted on the street curb, most house numbers are still fitted and expected to be seen on the mailbox. Secondly the mailbox indicates the entry point to the house. In most circumstances the mailbox is next to the path..
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