Improve the Value of your House

Our slogan for a very long time has been "Let style be the opening statement to your home". The mailbox is the first thing most visitors see and this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is generally where your house number is. While house numbers can be fitted directly onto the wall of your house or on your fence and even in what seems to be days gone bye, painted on the street curb, most house numbers are still fitted and expected to be seen on the mailbox. Secondly the mailbox indicates the entry point to the house. In most circumstances the mailbox is next to the pathway leading to the house.

Google "how to improve the value of my house" and you will see that in nearly all cases in the list of recommendations will be to make sure your letterbox is tidy and presentable and if not, replace it. Many mailboxes are carefully chosen to match the house and this can be in the colour and style. Colours of mailboxes can be matched to the house trim colours, gutters window surrounds or garage doors. Similarly the style of letterbox can be matched as well, a mailbox with a gable roof for a house with a gable roof, or a feration style mailbox for a federation style home.

LET STYLE be the OPENING STATEMENT to your HOME - Mailmaster Letterboxes

An example of a bold mailbox. You can't miss this one and it has been made into a significant feature at this address.

Posted by Mark Valentine

CEO - Mailmaster Letterboxes

3 Comments To "Improve the Value of your House"

Mark Valentine On 26 Sep 2016
Sarah, I think the 5. Express would be a great choice and in the colour white, but as I mentioned earlier it is in the eye of the beholder. What do you think? Reply to this comment
Mark Valentine On 26 Sep 2016
We can give you an opinion however it is all in the eye of the beholder, please email it through to sales@mailmaster.biz Reply to this comment
Sarah On 25 Sep 2016
Very helpful thank you, can I send you a photo of the front of our house for your recommendation for a suitable mailbox. Reply to this comment

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